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English Coaching Services

Write with confidence and get your message across clearly

Need to write emails, blog posts, newsletters or reports in English?

Want to ensure your writing is free of waffly words, spelling slip-ups, grammar glitches and punctuation problems?

Then let’s collaborate to make your next text faster to write and easier to read.

Here’s how:

You send me your draft. We go through it together in a video chat to correct errors, improve word choice and make your text flow naturally.

I’ve helped clients with: brochures, ebooks, emails, essays, flyers, letters, newsletters, reports, slides, templates, theses and web copy.

Your writing + my feedback = clear and concise text

I believe the key to making quicker progress is feedback: corrections, explanations, suggestions and advice about vocabulary, grammar, tone and style.

Of course, we can also fix any pronunciation or speaking problems.

And if you prefer, I can edit and proofread your text for you.

Email me your questions.

Ready to build your writing confidence and perform to your potential?

I can help you:

Get your most pressing English problem unstuck in 2 hours with EBLA Express Coaching.

Speed up writing in English with 30 days of EBLA Energiser Coaching.

Lift your English in 5 simple steps in 12 weeks with EBLA Elevator Coaching.

Schedule a discovery call to find out more