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Conquer conundrums with classic catchphrases

When you watch movies or listen to songs in English, are there famous lines or favourite quotes that stick in your mind?

Use them to help you beat common confusions.

Here’s how:

Remembering the song is “Singin’ in the rain” can stop you making the mistake “under the rain”.

“Here’s looking at you” from Casablanca reinforces that look needs to be followed by at when seeing or considering someone or something.

And “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” from The Godfather reminds you about make vs do.

Combine classic catchphrases that everyone uses with the power of personalised catchphrases that are special to you.

When you’re not sure what’s right, jog your memory with catchphrases.

PS Idioms work too – we’ll look at them next.

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