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Drop these 5 habits that’re hurting your writing in English

Are any of these harmful habits slowing down or messing up your writing?

My clients often tell me they:

  1. don’t prepare before writing so their message becomes muddled

  2. lose time trying to craft the perfect beginning

  3. interrupt their writing flow to make changes or look up stuff

  4. translate whole sections so the style becomes uneven

  5. don’t check their text thoroughly because they’re sick of it and it’s already taken them way too long and anyway the deadline is looming so it’s too late yet again.

When my clients ditch these harmful habits — and instead:

  1. prepare by jotting down the main points or making a mindmap

  2. start writing in the middle where it’s often easier to begin

  3. keep the writing flow going by using TK to mark tricky spots to check later

  4. translate only words or phrases (as a last resort)

  5. plan time after writing for revision and checking

they say writing in English is faster and more fun.

Plus their reports, reviews and recommendations are easier to read.

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