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Have you chosen your MVA yet?

Some days don’t go as planned.

Computers and cars break down, buses and meetings are late, family members and pets get sick.

Your carefully crafted schedule goes out the window.

Including your language learning time slots.

But all is not lost.

On those days, I still mostly manage to do my MVA.

By MVA I mean a minimum viable action, like a minimum viable product.

It’s the one small language learning task I try to do nearly every day, no matter what.

My MVA is express writing.

In 5 minutes, I can complain about what’s going wrong. And afterwards, I feel a bit better.

Or I can write about the spellbinding movie I watched last night, the tasty chocolate I’ve just eaten or the upcoming hike I’m looking forward to. And after 5 minutes, I also feel better.

(When you sign up for email alerts, you’ll get a free taster of how express writing can boost your language learning.)

Using my phone or a notebook, I can express write anywhere.

Usually while I’m waiting for someone …

Doing my MVA means I’ve rescued at least part of the day to spend on improving my French.

What’s the bare minimum you’ll commit to doing nearly every day to keep your language learning going?

I can help you figure that out. 

© Christina Wielgolawski