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Travel is in the air again

People who are thinking of travelling soon are brushing up their language skills.

I’ve been coaching German and French to people planning trips in the next few months.

Some are true beginners while others are refreshing what they once learnt and what is now … let’s say a bit rusty.

Several will be staying in hotels or holiday homes and want to be able to order food, visit places, buy stuff and hopefully chat with locals.

The rest are visiting relatives or friends and want to impress them with more than danke or merci.

Watching the quick progress beginners make is satisfying and fun.

Especially when they stick to the simple 5 a day way.

You can find out how 5 a day works here and here.

Yet it’s much harder to see improvement when you want your professional English to go beyond good enough.

In our coaching sessions, I do notice your progress. Like:

  • less searching for words
  • more self-correction
  • better word choices
  • more accurate grammar
  • less hesitation
  • easier understanding
  • increased fluency

But often you don’t see it immediately, which can be disheartening.

Consistent 5 a day can help in this case too.

When you select from your personalised menu of focused tasks plus fun activities and do them on a nearly daily basis, it doesn’t take long for you to notice you’re improving.

Which motivates you to keep going.

And the snowball effect is in motion.

Want me to help you set up your 5 a day to make progress, painlessly?

Email me.

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