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Does writing in English make you feel anxious?

When you re-read what you’ve written in English, do you ask yourself:

Is my email or blog post or report too formal or too informal?

How can I get to the point faster?

Is there a better word I could use?

Why do I keep making the same mistakes?

Why does it always take me so long to write in English?

And maybe you think: I hate writing in English!

Followed by: But I have to write in English.

You sigh and your shoulders slump.

Time for more chocolate.

How about we change that scenario?

To one where you:

Hit the right tone – consistently.

Use more natural expressions.

Avoid repeating mistakes.

Write more concisely and precisely.

Write faster.

Let me help you become more comfortable writing in English.

Check out my writing coaching here.

Want to find out more? Email me and we can make a time to chat.

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