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How to make writing in English flow faster

When I write in German or French, I’m much slower than when I write in English.

And I need to look up stuff like gender and verb endings and prepositions.

I’m also pretty sure there could be a more natural way to say what I mean but I can’t think of it.

This means I used to put off writing German or French, if I had the choice.

Or if I had to write, I used to dread it.

Sitting stymied in front of a blank screen waiting for the words to come.

While time was running out.

Do you feel like that about writing in English?

Here are 3 ways I found to make writing less of a chore:

  1. I started express writing for 5 minutes a day and noticed the words were coming more easily. Writing has become faster.
    We practise express writing in Energiser coaching.

  2. I realised I was often checking the same questions so I made a crib sheet with my common confusions. Now I quickly refer to that when I’m stuck.
    We can create your personalised crib sheet in Express coaching.

  3. I began to check my writing by reading it aloud. This helps me find mistakes to correct or phrases to improve.
    We can go over more self-editing tips in Express coaching.

Writing in German or French still takes me longer than in English.

But I don’t put it off anymore.

Try these 3 tricks and you won’t either.

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